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Bug Drop! - iOS

Lil' Bug needs your help! Collect Rings and Avoid Mean Bugs while Parachuting to the Finish! Download on the iOS App Store

Night Lights Toddler Toy - iOS

A toy for toddlers to explore shapes, colors, and sounds.Download on the iOS App Store. Read our Presskit

You Can't Win But You Are Still A Good Person - iOS

You Can't Win But You Are Still a Good Person is a never-ending game of whack-a-mole set to blissful music and minimalist graphics. Download on the iOS App Store. Read our Presskit

Ann Arbor Wards Challenge - Web

Test your knowledge of Ann Arbor's City Wards!

All You Can Eat - OSX or Windows on

You're a hungry frog eating everything in sight! Use your knife and fork for food on plates, and your hands for the rest. But avoid the frog legs, that might be your cousin! Download at


2 Players battle it out to find out who's the better thief! Steal art, jump on each other's heads and race the clock to become the master thief!

Saloon Smash

Hannah Badger has had it up to here with the boozing ways of Sinktown! Save Sinktown from the Demon of Drink in Sinktown Slink Saloon Smash.


Fear is the only power in the Galaverse. Sow enough fear to summon and destroy the Colossus and become the Galagod. Play in your desktop browser on


A game in 3 Short Acts. Use your remaining Eggs to attack the Villagers who nearly hunted your species to extinction. Play in your desktop browser on

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Who we are

Scope Creep Studios is: Kyle Latino, Chris Salzman, and Stephen Kemsley