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You Can't Win But You Are Still a Good Person is a never-ending game of whack-a-mole set to blissful music and minimalist graphics.

Frenetic but meditative, casual but competitive, hopeful but futile, You Can't Win But You're Still A Good Person embraces these extremes. At its core, it's a concentration game that demands your attention and rewards your patience. It asks the player to manage the state of four ever-changing black and white squares. No instruction is provided, as part of the challenge of You Can't Win is to figure out the goal. Lush ambient music fills the background while hypnotic chimes respond to your touch.


What started as a 2 week game took 6 months due to paperwork, babies, and bugs.


  • Life-affirming message
  • High score board (for those that need some measure of success)
  • Press-your-luck, whack-a-mole gameplay
  • Minimalist graphics
  • Relaxing soundtrack


You Can't Win But You Are Still A Good Person Launch Trailer


download files as .zip (65 KB)



  • I like the music! It's calming, interesting, and not too distracting.

    - Mark F.

  • Man, this game is an ontological nightmare.

  • The kids loved it. My son (6) said it was "awesome" and played it for 5 minutes, which is the maximum he plays any iOS game before switching to another.

    - Max S.

  • Definitely has that let-me-try-that-one-more-time quality to it.

    - Kunal J.

  • I definitely need something to play when PGo crashes at least once a day :P

    - Databae

About Scope Creep Studios

Scope Creep Studios combines the powers of Chris Salzman, Kyle Latino, and Steve Kemsley into an amazing amalgam of video game making prowess. Together they make up one of the more exciting video game studios to come out of small Midwestern towns in the United states.

They focus on games that make you laugh, and then feel sad. They make small games for adults to appreciate and children to enjoy. Their first real game was an endless runner based on the prohibition era figure, Hannah Jumper. Realizing that making this game was pretty fun, they quickly made a few more.

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Chris Salzman
Team Leader & Programming

Steve Kemsley
Music & Programming

Kyle Latino
Art Poops